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NEW HEAT! Jetsoo ft DJ Carolina X - No Favors (Audio)

Check out the new single from South Carolina native Jetsoo called No Favors. This track is accompanied by a joyful melody mixed with hard-hitting drum patterns produced by MoneyMadeMuzic & DJ Carolina X also hailing from SC. The nature of the song centers around taking a step back by staying down to stack his bread then coming up without any handouts on the road to achieving his goals. Throughout the song, he emphasizes on cutting dead weight out of his circle and eliminating the distractions of female groupies during his success. The track foreshadows the anticipated EP "Columbia's Own" dropping in the next month or so under the Elite Records/MMR umbrella. With a dedicated fan base and musical consistency, Jetsoo will become a household name in the Carolina music scene. You can check out the track below and follow Jetsoo on Instagram: @Jetsoo__

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