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DJ Carolina X ItsBizkit Interview: New Single “Take 1”, Artist Advice, Future Plans + More

"With so much accomplished, you know we had to sit down with X for an exclusive interview. He spoke about his beginnings, his new single “Take 1” featuring BWS Sosaa, linking with Sosaa, advice for others, and much more.

Check out the full Q+A below, and be sure to stream “Take 1” after the jump as well — and/or on your preferred DSP."

Q: Introduce yourself, for those who are not familiar. X: “I go by the name of DJ Carolina X. I’ve been a DJ/Producer for over 15 years now. Born and raised in Columbia, SC .. and I now reside in Charlotte, NC. I’m a jack of all trades — hence the reason behind my name X. I am an unknown variable of the Carolinas, so you won’t know what my mind can come up with. My skills extend within Deejaying, producing, graphic design, marketing … you name it really. I’ve done events with almost any artist you can think of … Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, DaBaby, Post Malone and Future. That’s just to name of few…. I’ve toured all over the Nation with my guy Zay The Goat from Social Currency Enterprises. One of the few DJs you can’t outmatch when it comes down to work ethic!”

Q: “I see you call yourself the “Prince of the Carolinas” — can you tell us the meaning behind the nickname.” X: “I see a lot of people around the industry calling themselves the “King” of something. It’s overrated to me. The only King I acknowledge is God himself. So I just decided to call myself the ‘Prince of The Carolina’s.’ Still one of the major go to guys when it comes down to Carolina business .. you feel me?”

Q: “Take 1” is finally out! How does it feel? X: “Yeah man… it’s been a long time coming. Definitely wanted to create another track that gears toward a celebration. Whether you got a new promotion at a job, celebrating your partner’s birthday, or just enjoying life itself, that’s what this track exudes. The essence of just turning up with your day ones!”

Q: “Tell us more about how the record came about and you linked with BWS Sosaa?” X: “I’ve known Sosaa for about two years now. I was introduced to him by my partner DJ B-Eazy from New Carolina. I just rock with the man’s work ethic you know. He’s one of the most underrated artist in the City — and he’s willing to work and learn. We already released our single “I’m Up” and I definitely wanted to link with him for another track down the line. We definitely needed a new vibe and It finally came to fruition. Take 1 is now on all streaming platforms!”

Q: “Share some advice for upcoming artists …. DJs as well.” X: “As for the artist, I always tell them you have to take care of the DJ, period. I’m not just talking financially — but by just showing love as well. Go through the proper directions of providing the DJ with your music. And no I don’ mean in the club [haha] .. or sending a music link to our DMs. Get our emails! That make it easier for us to examine the track closely at home. That’s when we will be more focused on your music!”

… As for the DJs… I would want them to practice handling business and marketing JUST as much as they hone their craft and skills. You can be the most talented DJ in the world but if you don’t know how to market and promote yourself, you’ll just be another spoke on the wheel. Build your brand to the point that these promoters and club owners will have no choice to book you and pay you your worth.”

Q: “What else can fans expect from DJ Carolina in the coming months?” X: “Definitely looking to produce more music in the upcoming months with aspiring artist in the Carolinas. Got some new music on the way with Tip Teezy, Zay The Goat, NFL Nique, and a few others… so be on the look out. It’s only up from here!”

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