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(Artist Spotlight) HOT GIRL JADE | Columbia, SC

Time to focus on the talent from the Carolinas after an amazing year we've had! Keeping the momentum going with an artist from the Riverside of Columbia, SC. She goes by the name of Hot Girl Jade. In no ways connected to the Hot Girl Summer wave that's been going on, Jade is very authentic and hard driving in many ways. I first met this artist at a station interview at 100.1 The Beat as she was gearing & promoting her performance at the 3rd Annual Lion-Hearted Fashion show in Columbia, SC. I've never heard any of her material so you know what they say, 'first impression is always the best impression'. I was definitely impressed with her energy and articulation during her interview. Just by her presence in the room I can tell she meant business. The 19 year-old rapper shocked me when she explained that she has only started rapping for a couple of months but carried herself like a mainstream artist. I can expect nothing less due to the fact she is managed by Chlon Rogers; a staple in the Atlanta & Carolina music scene who has also managed SC standout Deezy McDuffie.

She has performed at numerous showcases and has been a standout in less than one year. Below you can check out an interview by my partner Top Flight Rento on his site She touches on the topics of growing up on Broad River Rd., Losing her brother, the ins and outs so far in her early music career and more!

Follow her on social media at

@Hotgirl.Jade on Instagram

and witness the journey of the future of the Carolinas.

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